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Traditions Real Estate

Traditions turns a House into a Home

Traditions Real Estate is focused on helping people find their next home.

No matter how excited one can be about moving into your first home or your last home, the transition can be unsettling. Here at Traditions, we find it our purpose to make the move as easy as possible.

I came up with the name, Traditions Real Estate to honor my mother, who passed away while I was in the process of becoming a licensed real estate agent. She instilled in me and my children the joy of embracing traditions. No matter where we may call home, we can always bring our traditions with us.

Some of Mom’s traditions were:

  • Family dinners on holidays
  • Decorating for the seasons
  • Making chocolate chip cookies from scratch with the grandchildren (I still use her recipe!)
  • Having a yearly family birthday meal at a local restaurant
  • Holding a chocolate Easter egg hunt, inside or out, weather permitting, (some of those hidden eggs showed up months later!)
  • Standing in the same place to watch town parades.
  • Setting a really formal dinner table when the occasion called for it. One of my daughters learned how to fold napkins just for this.
  • Serving certain foods for certain holidays or events.

I think we all have certain traditions. At Traditions Real Estate we hope you will continue on enjoying what makes these memories.

I hope you will find working with Traditions Real Estate enjoyable by making that new HOUSE into YOUR HOME!

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