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Selling Your Home


Selling your home is a big decision and we are here to help. Traditions Real Estate is your knowledgeable and trusted partner, providing you with advice and guidance throughout the process.

To prepare for the sale of your home, we offer some valuable tips that will help you understand the selling process. These steps can help you find the serious home buyers who seek properties like yours.

Steps To Selling Your Home

Of course, we all want the highest price for our home when we sell, but, to avoid setting an unrealistic selling price on your home we will develop a Comparative Market Analysis (COMP) to assist in determining your home’s value. This essential tool compares homes of similar location, size and features that have sold recently to develop an estimate of the market price of your home.

In addition to the COMP, we will use our years of expertise to help you evaluate your home’s amenities and provide you with guidance on the best asking price for your home. Our commitment is to get your your house sold, while also receiving the highest and best price.

The first impression a buyer gets is the condition of your home. From curb appeal, to overall structures and the safety of your home, items of concern should be addressed before putting it on the market.

Repairs are beneficial, while upgrades are vital. Fresh paint, new carpeting, a de-cluttered, de-personalized and clean home can make or break a sale. A buyer needs to be able to envision themselves in your home with their belongings.

Please see our section below about staging your property.

First Impressions

When you list your home with Traditions Real Estate, we’ll give you a strong exposure through the powerful network of nationally registered IDX listings to local and out-of-town buyers.

As an affiliate of IDX (Internet Data Exchange) we can market your property to a large audience of interested buyers locally and throughout the country. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 14.19% of the population in the United States moved last year.

Bring Your Home to Market

When your offer is accepted and inspections are completed, the closing (or settlement) date will be set. This is when you sign the legal transfer documents of ownership, from the seller, making the property yours. At the closing, the title or escrow officer prepares the official paperwork that outlines all of the costs for both the buyer and the seller. A walk-through with us will be scheduled, prior to the closing, so that any agreed upon repairs and the condition of the home outlined in the contract have been made.

If any of these terms or issues have not been met, we can delay the closing or request money from the seller to fix these issues.

Sold Sign


The key steps to staging a home are simply to keep it clean, clear of clutter and to make sure the furniture style is classic and the color palette is neutral. This makes it easier for a potential buyer to envision how their future home will look, once they move in. It also gives the buyer the message that their future home has been well-cared for.

First impressions are the most important thing to remember when you begin to stage your home. The first area that a buyer enters should make a positive impression on them. Be sure to pay special attention to clutter, switches that are broken, light bulbs that don’t work and anything that could sway the buyer’s opinion when they enter that first space.


The Kitchen is a dual purpose room…..cooking and socializing. Clear the counters and have as little as possible visible by putting things away, especially after you use them. Keep the countertops free of many small appliances. Set a pretty kitchen table, as though a meal were about to be served.

Bathrooms, (both the guest and master) should always be kept clean and free of toiletries. Make sure the horizontal spaces are free of clutter and things like hairdryers are put away. Keep fresh towels and bath mats in place and remove wet towels. Always make sure the sink, tub and toilet are clean.

Livingrooms are where most people spend their free time. A sectional that is too large for the room can make the living area appear too tiny and pathways difficult to walk through. By using appropriately sized furniture for the living room you offer the buyer a chance to envision their own furniture in the space. Remove piles of magazines, children’s toys anything that will distract the buyer from actually seeing the room.

The Master Bedroom should look comfy and inviting. Always make sure your bed is made. Pillows and coordinating comforters can add that special appeal to the coziness of a bedroom. Clear your closet by removing at least half of the contents that are in it, to create the look of a larger storage area.

By evaluating each and every room in your home and eliminating clutter, you are giving the buyer more of a chance to see the actual space rather than getting visually stuck on all the contents that cover up the room. The old saying “Less is More”, is a perfect rule to follow. De-cluttering is the number one recommendation we can offer when staging a home.

Always remember to have your home clean and ready to be shown at all times. No dishes in the sink, kids toys scattered about the living room or dirty laundry-wet towels left on the bathroom floor. The ultimate goal of staging is to make your home look spacious, clean and organized, ready for the next person to own.

Sell My House

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